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Dedicated Sailors: supported by dedicated coaches and parents

Proteus Yacht Club’s (PYC) Flag Officers and Team Breakwater's Members must be under the age of 21 (other memberships are available for parents, volunteers, and supporters).  Our program supports both serious competitors and recreational sailors of all skill levels, and is focused on building sailing skills while also promoting sportsmanship, fostering teamwork and strengthening respect for oneself and others while furthering the sport of sailing and the Corinthian Spirit.  While PYC and Team Breakwater’s leadership and members are under age 21, the sailing program is overseen by a professional program director and an exceptional team of national and international coaches. The club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with a dedicated board of directors overseeing operations and safety.

Grow, Evolve...


PYC and Team Breakwater embraces a learning environment that will prepare sailors for the next level of sailing and for the rest of their lives.   Beginning with the Optimist, Team Breakwater encourages Sailors to evolve to the next level, including High School, College and beyond.

Our Mission...


PYC and Team Breakwater's mission is to involve as many young people as possible in the sport of sailing through a fun, educational atmosphere and to keep them involved and growing on a personal level for many years.  Team Breakwater invites College Sailing recruiters for networking.


2020 Visiting Coach Profiles


Bradley Adam

Mackenzie McGuckin

Mackenzie McGuckin

Coach Adam is currently the head sailing coach for Washington College (MD), a graduate of St. Mary’s College, a Collegiate Sailor, and former Opti Racing Coach for both the Annapolis Yacht Club (MD) and Pleon Yacht Club (MA).  

Coach Adams will be joining PYC full time this season.


Mackenzie McGuckin

Mackenzie McGuckin

Mackenzie McGuckin

Coach MacKenzie is currently a  coach with the US Sailing Siebel Program and former head coach at the WaterFront Center (TWC) in Oyster Harbor, NY and has agreed to several dates during the 2020 Summer Season.  We look forward to welcoming her to Team Breakwater this coming summer.


J. Watt Duffy

Nicole Sikowitz

Nicole Sikowitz

Coach Duffy is the current owner and head coach at GeauxFast Sailing (Texas) and has agreed to offer Opti Coaching and Racing Clinics this summer.   We look forward to welcoming him to Team Breakwater this coming summer.


Nicole Sikowitz

Nicole Sikowitz

Nicole Sikowitz

Coach Nicole is the head coach with the Baltimore Community Sailing Center (BCSC), Baltimore, MD and has agreed to several dates during this Summer for both Opti Coaching and  Racing Clinics.  We look forward to welcoming her this summer.


Optimist Teaching and Coaching Methodologies

Additional Information

Coaching and Clinics

Proteus Yacht Club and Team Breakwater conduct various sailing clinics throughout the season, as well as invite coaches from throughout the sailing community to build upon the team’s overall objectives, while encouraging a love for the sport of sailing and a respect for the ocean.  Each Coach evaluates all previous coaching lesson plans, and materials covered in order to build upon that foundation and introducing new materials, strategies, and continued growth while ensuring a safe and fun experience. 

US Sailing's STEM Education Initiative or ‘REACH'

Proteus Yacht Club and Team Breakwater incorporate many different teaching and coaching methods, including incorporating US Sailing’s National Standard in Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) into the sport of sailing.

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Sailing Programs & Clinics

For more information visit: isit https://www.facebook.com/pg/Team-Breakwater-USA-101946644622129/about/



for more information visit: https://jksailing.com

2020 Opti Performance Clinic Sponsors




Team Breakwater, USA Membership

Membership is required for sailors participating in any Team Breakwater clinics, classes, or programs and is included in any standard registration. An Annual Membership is also encouraged for Team Breakwater friends, family and alumni who are interested in supporting Team Breakwater, and taking part in other club activities. These include volunteers, social activities, private sailing lessons, sailing events, and committee membership.   Membership includes US Sailing and USODA, if you are a current member of US Sailing discount membership by -$30.00 and if you are a current member of USODA discount membership by -$39.00

Annual Membership: $194.00 

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Proteus Yacht Club & Team Breakwater

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